Mom and Dad on a Mission to keep Home organised with kids

Solid & neat is a family run small business and as we are also parents, we all know that it’s a huge challenge to keep everything organised and ordered when you live with kids. The most important task in order to survive these years is to create a cleaning habit and timetable you can always stick to. On the other hand, we believe that the storage furniture you choose must be practical and attractive and add to rather than detract from the overall design of the room and your home.

We love how our versatile home storage products like the vertical wall hanging organizer with fabric pockets and the wall mounted laundry basket or the linen laundry bag help us to keep our home tidy and neat. We, at solid & neat carefully designed our wooden organizers and laundry baskets to help you decluttering your Home as easy as it’s possible. We have been producing and selling these storage baskets for 10 years now, so we might say happily and proudly that we are experts of organizers

At solid & neat natural and pastel colours and functional design are what matter. We do believe that a peaceful home with light and neutral colours has a great affect on our mind and mood. This is why we focus on performing collections in beige and white tones, solid pastel colours and use natural and sustainable materials for our products.

It’s not just the colours that makes it solid & neat, it’s the exceptional detail that goes into every single product that is made by us in our home studio in Hungary.