The ultimate entryway storage guide – banish the front door clutter!

Have you ever left the house through the entryway with kids in such a hurry that coming back to home didn’t make you happy and feel the warm welcome because of the terrible mess around? We did so! Then let’s take some steps to banish the front door clutter with our storage guide.

One of the most challenging parts of your day is getting your kids ready to go out especially during autumn and wintertime. In the cold season a multitude of items pop-up around the entryway and you might get the feeling that everything is cluttered. Like all the time.

Before you start feeling depressed by the mess or the cold weather and dark days, you should prepare your entryway for the season and keep it in tip-top shape. We have collected all the types of storages you will need in an entryway when you live with kids. So read on to find out how you can declutter your entryway by using the proper storages.

the ultimate entryway storage guide from solid and neat

#1 Landing spot for small things

Have you ever seen a kid coming home with empty hands? Okay, we haven’t either. So first thing first, especially if you have toddlers you will need a landing spot for all the things you have in your hands and pockets when you arrive home. Kids always keep their own small treasures in their hands like stones, dolls, water bottle, matchboxes, etc. And genereally your hands are also full of other things like keys, phone, the mail from the postbox, wallet.

console table placed in the entryway is such a perfect place for quickly dropping these small things somewhere. Keep in mind to use a kids safe style, so avoid sharp edges or heavy drawers. 

NOTE: to avoid accidents always remember to fix the table to the wall.

You can perfect the whole look by placing decorative bowls or fabric pockets on the console table to hide the mails or those colourful leaves along with nuts and chestnuts the kids carried home as treasures.

Decorative rope tray by HomelyThingsStore 

Milk Stripe Storage Basket by XinhandcoGoods on Etsy

Milk Stripe Storage Basket by XinhandcoGoods

Felt storage box by SCANDINAVIOUS

canvas storage box for the front door

#2 A place to hang coats

No brainer, I know, but if you have kids, especially under the age of 10 you might need special solutions. A standing coat rack might not work with small kids as they are unsafe in case they fall. A wall mounted solution is the best choice – it saves place and kids cannot give them a push. Also be sure to find a family friendly coat rack in the size that will swallow everyone’s coats.

We should encourage our kids to put their own things away and hang up their coats and backpacks so never miss a chance and have a separate coat rack for the kids placed at their height. More kids, more stuff, so true – you can also label the rack like one or two pegs or hooks for each child to avoid fights and saving enough place for their things.

noblewoodco last name sign entryway

Personalised family wooden peg rack by Noblewoodco

#2 A place to hang coats

Coat rack with shelf from huntleyswood

Coat rack with shelf from huntleyswood

wooden peg rack

Wooden peg rack with 5 hooks by WoodyMoodLT

Wooden peg rack with shelf by Noblewoodco on Etsy

Wooden peg rack with shelf by Noblewoodco

Coat rack entryway organiser by WoodyoubuyAU on Etsy

What about bringing some joy and happiness into the entryway? Wall hooks are the best alternative if you don’t have a coat closet nearby, so put as many as you can. These decorative small hooks give you more place for sorting things but don’t look so strict on the wall.

solid & neat

Wooden animal wall hooks by craftboutiquenyc

Wooden dot coat hooks by BotanikaStudio on Etsy
solid & neat

Dachshund kids wall hook by Marnellybaby

solid & neat

Woodland animal wall hooks by loopdesignstudio

#3 A place to sit down

Wood Shoe Bench, Shoe Storage Bench, Entryway Bench, Vinyl Record Storage Bench

You might not have enough place for a mudroom so you need a quick way to get children’s wet boots and shoes off. The sooner, the better. Placing a bench close to the door is a great way to avoid mess all around, instead of seeing them moving back and forth, kids can sit down quickly getting their shoes off. 
You are an absolute winner if you find a bench with storages. No matter what you use – drawers or huge woven baskets, the result is more storage and that’s exactly what we need.

Classic Entry Way Storage Bench by Evangelinefinishing on Etsy

Classic Entry Way Storage Bench by Evangelinefinishing

Shoe trunk by bee9designshop on Etsy
solid & neat

Entryway bench by RusticbyResendiz

solid & neat

Entryway rustic shoe rack and bench by FallingTreesBySki


#4 A place to keep things sorted

Make the most of your wall space by installing open storages for everything from hats to gloves to scarves. A wall mounted organizer with hanging pockets is ideal to keep things sorted. You can save up some time if you know where to search for different things. By having one fabric basket for the mails and magazines and another one for the dog’s accessories (leashes, treats, brush, etc) will keep the room organized.

TIP: label the fabric bins! It makes sleepy and hasty mornings with kids a bit more simple if you use storage bins that are personalized with kids’ names.  

magazine holder solid and neat

Magazine rack in neutral geometric design by solid & neat


#5 A place to keep your shoes

I mean all of them. As we want to keep the entryway look tidy and decluttered it’s necessary to have a shoe storage that hides the shoes. This one above is so perfect as shoes are not seen but the elegant holes let some air for the shoes and boots. 

By choosing the above listed types of storages you might avoid a cluttered and messy entryway even if you have kids who like running directly into the house in dirty boots. We can’t promise you that your entryway will be cleaned up on its own from now on but you might find place for everything needed. And that’s pretty enough for a cluttered homely place.

shoe storage

White slatted shoe storage cabinet by

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