Sweet dreams with Scandi night lights

Have you ever met those kind of products you not only look at but feel them? SABO Concept should be one of them for sure. This amazing small business and brand launched by a married couple is affected by the minimalist Scandinavian style and manifests minimalism, simplicity and sophistication of lines. We were so amazed, especially by the Scandi night lights, so we wanted to meet these talented people from Ukraine to get to know a bit more of their mission and brand. Here is our interview recorded with them. 

What does Scandinavian lifestyle mean to you in your everydays?

For us it is more of atmosphere and perception of life ,not only things around us. In our family we value simple things: live communication, family warmth, coziness, caring. We wish to live more consciously and enjoy every moment instead of worrying about every little thing. But should work much more on the last one. It also means moderate consumption and caring about the environment. As for me, the last is extremely painful because of the way it is in Ukraine. A lot of families have an excess of unnecessary things

sabo concept scandinavian nursery withwooden night lamp moon in scandi style room

How would you describe SABOConcept as a brand?

We are very young brand, of course, but from the very beginning we have defined our values: quality, eco-friendliness and style. We care about these basic criteria. We are always in the search of better materials and techniques. We work on our style and outlook of products, trying to become recognizable and unique. 

sabo concept kids with star shape wooden lamp

Why do you think children and babies love your items so much?

I believe it’s because our night lights are very cozy and kind, and they also are made with love – and children do feel it.

Scandi style night light wooden led light in Scandinavian nursery room

What are your future goals? Can we expect your beautiful design come to life in night lights designed for adults?

How do you remember you got obsessed so much with Scandinavian lifestyle?

We started to take an interest in Scandinavian style several years ago, since my husband and I started to furnish our new home. We had a desire to bring more light, more purity into routine, we wanted to get rid of all unnecessary things – and it concerns not only interior, but the lifestyle itself and everything around us. One more reason is that we have quite long winters in Ukraine, which means the lack of warmth and sunlight. And as we know, the best solution to such a problem is an interior in Scandinavian style.

saboconcept star shape wooden scandi night light

How do you share the work with your husband and how does a product come to life from the beginning?

First of all come sketches. My father helped me with development of necessary technical programs for night light production. And my husband was engaged in the work process itself. I picked out the colours and shades and helped with painting. At the moment we have more then 10 people in our team, I am still a designer and partly in managering. My husband is in charge of production, he controls the quality and final result. Before sending products to the clients, we still check each and every one of them personally. 


How do you think these wonderful Scandi style toys and decors can affect kids' life?

Children should be introduced to the beauty and develop a sense of taste and style from the very infancy. Our night lights are also aimed at developing children’s imagination: you may create stories about stars and unicorns, and you can share your secrets with a little bear, or imagine that you are travelling around the world on our hot air balloon. It’s up to you. 
And of course, toys and wood decor are environmentally friendly and safe. And this is more important than anything else.

Scandi style night light cloud shape wooden led light

In January 2019 we participated in a huge exhibition in Paris, France which is called Maison&Objet. This exhibition is recognized the biggest across Europe in the field of interior design. It has been held since 1995. For 5 days 3000 different brands introduce their products occupying the 112 650 square meters’ area. You can find literally everything on that exhibition: starting with coffee cups design and ending with sculptures and art objects for hotels. We are very happy that our products appeared to be new and unique for European market. It is very nice to know that shop owners, designers and distributors from different countries are interested in our night lights.

Therefore, we are going to grow bigger and very soon our products will appear in European shops. And, of course, we are planning on widening our range of products, but we will tell about it later, now it’s too soon. And as for night lights for adults, that is a good idea, indeed. Actually, some of them are good for grown-ups as well – stars, for example, many people in Ukraine buy them for their home. But sure, I understand what you mean and I will think about it. Thank you for an idea!
And of course, toys and wood decor are environmentally friendly and safe. And this is more important than anything else.

These Scandi night lights are so wonderful and you can’t miss out from any nursery room. They can serve as the most beautiful room decor but has a great function as giving gentle light during the night.

Visit SABO CONCEPT and their store here.

You can add matching Scandi style organizers to give the nursery room a bit more accent of the Nordic style.

We love it so much that your products are not only elegant but eco friendly. In what way? Tell me something more about it.

When it comes to child’s safety, there is no other option but make it totally safe. We use only the best materials, we carefully think through the technology of production and create everything as if those are our own children who will enjoy it. 

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