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Why is this Scandinavian Monochrome Mountain pillow set a must-have? It is filled with high quality of Himalayan pink salt and has magical curing effect. It can be such a special  gift to anyone you care about. Send a Snowy Peak pillow to any of your fellow Moms who are tired and sleep so little.



Scandinavian Monochrome Mountain pillow set

Scandinavian Monochrome Mountain pillow set including two pieces of black and white pillows: stripes and dots.

This set is a must have if you are searching for a perfect baby shower gift in Scandi style. Since the pillows are stuffed with wonderful and healing Himalayan pink salt, this set is a perfect choice if you want to care about your a baby and decor the room at the same time. This cute and well designed Snowy Mountain pillow filled with high quality natural Himalayan pink salt is such a great therapy for cold and ear inflammation – just to mention the most common illnesses babies and small kids can often suffer from.  

The Salty Mountain Peak in black and white colours covered with pure black felt is such a lovely colour combination for both baby girls and boys. In addition to being so useful and therapeutic it’s a super trendy addition to any modern nursery room. Oh, wait! If we are here at designing a modern nursery, let me introduce your best friend for keeping a baby room tidy and neat: a perfect kids room wall storage!

We love the minimalist style and shape of these mountain pillows. Thanks to their appropriate size they are easy to move and perfect for small babies’ hands as well. Choose a Himalayan pink salt pillow in beautiful monochrome style and place it into the cot. The mountain pillow filled up with 100% natural Himalayan therapeutic salt crystals will help your baby to calm down and sleep well. And… Good Night for the Baby and for the exhausted and tired Mom too. 
Read on to see how the Scandinavian  Monochrome mountain pillow works.

monochrome nursery pillow
monochrome mountain pillow

Himalayan pink salt pillow - How it works

#1 Warmed up salty peak pillow

Heat the salt pillow in the oven (never in the microwave!) at 50-60 degrees C for 25-30 minutes. Use it as a cushion or just keep it next to your head at night. If it’s for your baby, just put the warmed up salt peak pillow into the cot.
Good for several illnesses and symptoms:

  • cold
  • upper respiratory diseases 
  • ear inflammation
  • renal inflammation
  • arthritis
  • menstrual cramps
  • mastitis
  • easing into sleep
  • allergic and asthmatic diseases
  • strengthening your immune system

#2 Cooled down salty peak pillow

Keep the salt peak pillow in the freezer for 25-30 minutes, then hold the cold pillow on your sore body part.
Good for several illnesses and symptoms:

  • strain
  • wrench
  • wrick
  • arthritis
  • mastitis

#3 Warnings

DO NOT microwave the salty peak pillow! It’s NOT ALLOWED because the salt could catch fire.

DO NOT go beyond the recommended temperature (50-60 degrees Celsius) and time period (25-30 minutes)!

DO NOT leave the salty peak unattended in the oven while heating!

DO NOT leave the warmed up salty peak unattended with the child! An overheated cushion can cause injuries. Always check the temperature before using it on your bare skin.

The cushion itself is not washable! DO NOT let the inside get wet, because the salt will dissolve in the water. The cover is separable washable. Wash it on 30 degrees C with the machine’s hand wash setting.

Recommended age: from 0 years (newborn) till 100 years

The salt pillows are 100 % handmade so you may experience slight differences between same product types.

* Salt therapy is a natural additional therapy, it doesn’t substitute the use of medicine or treatment recommended by your doctors. The references in the email don’t substitute a medical consultation. If you or your children feel ill, visit your practitioner or pediatrist. 

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 cm


I have no space on the floor for a laundry bag in both my bathrooms, so I needed some other solution. And this worked just great! I haven't seen anything like this in any store, so I'm happy that I found them.
Elena, US
The quality is lovely! Communication was quick and easy too. Cannot recommend enough.
Olivia J., UK
We bought this for my baby's room and mounted it close to the ground so when the time is right, he can start to put his own clothes in it. The fabric is lovely and it looks great. Super happy!
Bryanne, US