6 essential tips on How to Help a Teething Baby Sleep

Uninterrupted sleep is a thing of the past when you have a baby.  It just goes with the territory.  However, having a teething baby may mean that you actually end up with even less than usual.  If you’re looking for effective but safe options on how to help a teething baby sleep, then it all comes down to working with the right tips.  

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Our essential tips on how to help a teething baby sleep

Top ways to help a teething baby get some sleep

Teething is especially painful and uncomfortable for little ones. This, naturally, results in them screaming and crying for mom and/or dad at all hours. By addressing their pain and discomfort, they’ll be able to fall asleep easier and that will make more shut-eye for you, too!  When it comes to teething, here are some great helping hands to consider:

How to Help a Teething Baby Sleep
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#1 A gum massage

This is often the best way to help ease discomfort quickly if you don’t have anything handy. Using clean hands or a soft toothbrush, gently massage their gums with a little bit of pressure. This will ease their pain and can help them to find more comfort, too. Work around their entire mouth and you should feel them relax! Do it as often as you can, but try to teach your baby to make it on its own. As soon as he/she can hold smaller things in his/her hands, give the baby a natural silicone – wooden ring teether: making it easy for your little one to hold on to.

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#2 A frozen, chewable wash cloth

If you don’t have any baby teething toys handy, never mind, a frozen face cloth or baby wash cloth is a great tool. For best results, you’ll want to take a clean one and then soak it in cold water. Freeze it for 30-60 minutes. When your little one starts to fuss, you’ll pop it out and allow them to chew on it. The cold will be instantly soothing and it’s just water, so you know that they’ll be safe and sound to chew on it for a long time.

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teething baby sleep tips
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#3 Wipe away drool

This is subtle, but important.  Drool is normal, but there tends to be a lot of it during teething!  Since it can lead to rashes, you’ll want to  regularly wipe their face clean and help keep them free from any extra irritations from teething season.

#4 Keep calm

From sleep deprivation to word about their pain level, it’s normal to be feeling a little worried.  You’ll want to keep yourself as calm as possible.  It’s one of those baby teething remedies you don’t hear about as often.  Babies pick up on parent emotions and irritation, so you’ll have to keep your emotions in check and your tone of voice and actions as soothing and as normal as possible.

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#5 Maintain their schedule

From their bedtime routine, to their hours, and how you interact with them throughout the day and night — keep it as consistent as possible so that you are always making sure that their schedule is overall consistent and as straight-forward as it comes. This will bring safety for them and they can calm down a lot sooner when tooth pain hurts them. 

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#6 Help them sleeping through the night

You did a great job during the day to help your baby with the pain. So now you are exhausted and tired, so let’s see how to help a teething baby sleep through the night. Ease the pain with magical Himalayan salt filled Mountain Pillow.

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It’s never fun to see your little one in pain. These techniques will help them get as much sleep as possible and it also will do a lot to ease their discomfort.  Teething is painful for little ones and parents, but the good news is that it is a temporary problem with lots of options for natural  and fast-working treatment when you put the right tips in place to help!

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