How an organized room benefits your kids

Creating a space for your little one can be quite challenging. Every mom’s prime consideration when doing so is to make it stylish or trying to keep the main focus on the thing they love the most: play! However, “organized” should also make to the top of the factors.

How an organized room benefits your kids
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Being neat and tidy does not come that easy to everyone (it is especially a hard pass for youngsters), but with some simple tricks and correctly chosen organizers, it can be as simple as that. Moreover, there are bigger benefits to getting organized than a clean room. “It’s essential for learning,” explains Laurie Hollman, Ph.D., author of Unlocking Parental Intelligence.

But why is it so important? What are the main benefits? Teaching organizational skills to your child isn’t always an easy task, but it’s important to teach them important skills on the long run. 

Here are some of the key advantages of creating an organized kids’ room.

How an organized room benefits your kids

#1 Reduce Stress & Overwhelm

The energy of a room can become agitated, making it more difficult to make decisions. When there are a lot of things around, it can be overwhelming and people tend to be scatterbrained – the same applies to kids. 

On the other hand, when toys are stored in organizers, the assortment is much more visible and enticing for children, thus encourage them to check it out.

It also makes rotating the toys easier, so that their jolt of excitement is not dropping for the toys.

That kind of organization keeps them motivated and focused with their activities thorough the day, and teach them how to keep focus on the long run.

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#2 Time management

By putting items away in designated spots, children are able to find them more quickly – that saves time for them. You can also discover, that this increases their “play time” – meaning they have more time to focus on playing, when everything is easily accessible and at hand for the game.

This also helps children to develop time management skills such as learning how to prioritize tasks and deciding on the duration of each activity.

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#3 Encourages organization and showing respect

Humans are programmed to copy other’s actions to understand them and to incorporate them into our own. Children, in particular, watch everything their parents do very carefully. So showing them a good role model by keeping rooms organized would make them follow the good example.

Children are much more likely to tidy up their toys in a clean and tidy environment. They are also more likely to value it, when they see and experience themselves the work behind it. 

Moreover, that kind of organization makes it easier to teach the importance of respecting the belongings itself in a tidy home.

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#4 Establishing a routine

If children are able to organize their room or time at home so they have dedicated slots for toys and leisure time, they will need less cajoling from parents to make a start on their work. This will give them a growing sense of independence that should translate into other areas of their life.

This is also much more likely to reduce any distractions, that could possibly occur in a messy room.

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#5 Shooting for the stars

Children that learn how to keep their rooms mess-free are more likely to do better in other areas of life. And why is that?

If children are able to manage and succeed slight commitments, that will result in a boost in self-confidence. Thus they are more likely to take on more challenges and bend every effort  for that. This increase in effort may lead to an increase in the levels they do in every other areas of life.

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How an organized room benefits your kids