7 genius ideas how to organize a small kids room

It is quite a neverending battle to keep (or even free) some space in a small apartment. However, nowhere is the battleground more intense than in the children’s bedroom. Although we all want our kids to have a bright, uncluttered place to play and do homework, they’ve often been stuck with the smaller or oddly-shaped rooms due to space issues.

Don’t let toys take over their rooms. A small room looks even smaller with toys everywhere, but having effective storage systems or space-saving furniture and accessories are smart solution for small apartments. The trick is to look for space saving bedroom accessories and be open to some unconventional small space solutions.

So back to the toys … Here are some cheap and easy toy storage hacks for parents. These are incredibly genius ideas how to organize a small kids room with lot of stuff.

#1 Hang them from the furniture

There are some things that are useful to be at hand. So why not keeping them there? And with the right storage solution, it also makes them easier to store and save space – strikes two birds with one stone. Hang some containers on the diaper station and use other furniture besides that can fulfil the same with the right organizer: like a bed.

hanging storage bed
Source: www.diyncraft.com
storage containers for diaper station from ikea
Source: www.ikea.com

Keep baby care items out of the way but close at hand with these containers.

#2 Go vertical and use your walls.

Walls are really something, when looking for some extra space. 

Struggling to store the loads of stuffed animals? Using the Komplement’s multi hanger may be the creative answer for the struggle!

ikea komplement hanging storage for stuffed animals
source: www.crei8ve.com

Too much cars, but no more parking lot in the room? Add a metal garage organization wall unit indoors, so it would add an industrial element and a certain space for all the cars.

vertical toy car organizer ikea hack
source: www.grillo-designs.com

When it has to be cozy and delightful, the Scandinavian style answer will be the crocheted bags.

vertical organizer scandinavian style crocheted bag
source: www.countryliving.com

However, keep in  mind that sometimes the most solid and neat, simple solution can rock.

vertical hanging organizer for small kids room
source: www.solidandneat.com

#3 Hide it on the shelves

Looking for something to add warmth, softness, texture and often a pop of color to a space, but still want it to be practical?

solid & neat
source: www.howwemontessory.com

Crocheted bags are camouflaged for décor, that are ideal for hiding materials with lots of pieces, to hold small block sets or games.

crocheted baskets on shelf to organize a small kids room
source: www.interweave.com
solid & neat
source: www.solidandneat.com

#4 Double the function

It is worth using those kind of storage solutions in the nursery, that allows the kids to just throw the toys and stuff to the right storage, as it requires less concentration and can be done really fast.

In case of a smart table, problem is solved asap.

table with storage in kids room
source: www.diyncrafts.com
stuffed animal storage in kids room
source: www.spielzeug.abc1234.site
smart table with storage in kids room
source: www.housebeautiful.com

#5 Do not leave space under the bed

A slim container slides easily under the bed and is perfect for stowing out of season blankets and sweaters. Though if you are more creative and are into the wooden design, you can easily turn a drawer into an under bed toy storage box with the recipe of Grillo Design.

You do not think there is enough space down there for your kids? Believe me when I say, a whole train line can fit in there.

under the bed storage genius ideas to organize a small kids room
source: Grillo Design
under the bed storage idea for small kids room
source: www.spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com

#6 Use the back of the door

The backs of doors are often forgotten spaces that offer so much storage potential.

Peg boards are awesome. You can use them to hang and store pretty much anything! This idea from Real Simple shows how you can turn the back of your closet door into a mini peg board dressing station. Pretty smart, isn’t it? Though a hanger on the door can also be brilliant.

use the back of the door storage
source: www.homebcn.com
back of the door storage ideas
source: www.theunlikelyhostess.com

#7 Take all you need

A handy helper lets you toss and take all of the necessary playdate essentials wherever you go. The cute character on the front makes this a truly unique travelling companion.

sloth drawstring bag solid and neat
solid & neat

We hope we could help you with getting some really genius ideas how to organize a small kids room even if you have a lot of stuff there.