FAQs about products

Please tell us. One of the great things about handmade and manufactured items is the level of customization you can do. We love experimenting with new colors and shapes, so we’re always up to any challenge.


Wash them as normal with your other clothing! Though we tend to prefer cold water washing our home decor canvas fabric.

It all depends on the purpose you’ll use it for and the place you have a bit empty on the wall.
A horizontal single organizer can hide all those essentials a kid cannot sleep – and moreover live – without. The newest soft toy as a friend shall be there during the night, just a hint away from the bed. Not mentioning the book or the books you read before the sleep.

In the nursery area or in the playroom area however you will surely need a bigger storing system for all the necessary baby stuff and tiny toys children can have.


We, the brand owner family manufacture our items in Hungary and we also work with other manufacturers from Hungary.


FAQs about shipping

It’s FREE. No matter where you live, we do shipping worldwide for free.


The given processing time is an expected time we are normally able to prepare your order to be shipped but it might take more or less depending on the number of orders at the same time. Please consider it when purchasing.
If you need an urgent order please convo us before purchasing and we set a shorter processing time for you.

Estimated processing time varies on items:
wall hanging organizers: 10 working days


As soon as we finished your order, we carefully pack it and handle to the carrier. As we do shipping with one of the best shipping services, FEDEX, you can receive your package within 2-4 working days.

*Please note that time frame may vary on National Holidays and Holidays. 

FAQs about business

We do! We typically post our sales info on our Instagram page or send it out through newsletters to our subscribers. 


We love seeing your pictures; you can use our hashtag #solidandneat to be found. Please note that this gives us permission to share your photo digitally on our site, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or newsletter. We would never use your child’s photo in print without asking, however if the tag is used we assume you are willing to share the photo.


It’s me, the wife and Mom who does the major of the works here, starting from designing and ending with writing the blog. It’s not easy to understand all the tech issues around a website and shop and sewing in the other moment. But it is so wonderful to know I sewed it for You, made it with so much love. It’s also me who will answer your question and will happily arrange a custom order for You.

It’s my husband and Dad who works for You really hard. He prepares the wooden parts of our organizers and takes care of them. In a tiny room as part of our house he gives the wooden racks brilliant finishes in various colours. It’s also him who wraps your items and packs it so carefully to avoid any damages.

And both of us love our Kids so much and take care of them and play with them, no matter if it’s day or night.

Yes, please apply here if you want to apply to be a retailer.