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At solid & neat we are in love with earth tones and minimalist design, so we have created a set of wall art printables in beautiful color schemes for you. Get instant access to all the pieces of this downloadable nursery print art set.


One of the fastest ways to renovate a room is to add printable art. It usually takes just a couple of hours to install and can completely change the look of a room. Our children’s room can be decorated in a very creative way, without giving way to the heavy and strenuous. With the correct method you can give your baby’s room a personal and quite handmade air. Do you know the boho rainbow style?

With the Boho style that is booming today, your room will breathe a warm air and will provide a perfect serenity to your space, in addition this style brings different tactics that transform each object into unique.

The boho style is more present than ever. The Boho style decoration mixes natural materials, different textures, neutral and warm colors, handmade objects and plants. And everything fits in perfect harmony, according to studies this style is a reflection of nature, connection to the earth and ecological awareness. The range of colors used in the boho decorative style is a range of natural and warm colors. Composed of various shades of warm whites, wheat brown, sand orange, bamboo green, yellow ocher, and sunset pink.

One of the quickest ways to refresh a room is to add some printable art. It usually takes just a couple of hours to put up and can completely change the look of a room. I am a huge fan of printable wall art and while I like the colorful versions, I always opt for more minimal designs.

Printable art is a quick and cheap way to add artwork to any room of your home. If you don’t have a home printer, no worries. Simply take your downloads to a store (such as Staples or Office Depot or DM) and have them print it for you! 

If you want to create a boho rainbow-style space, these free printables are amazing to decorate and get a mesmerizing result. The sticker sets are very easy to use, and together with a wooden frame they make the perfect decoration element. The boho rainbow printable wall art will not only add freshness to your room, it will keep your kids more creative. 

Most of our children’s rooms do not have any wall art to enjoy, but we have to take into account that in their early years they are absorbing EVERYTHING, and what better than to have these small or large arts that stimulate creativity and imagination of your son, without tiring him?

Boho rainbow sticker set

Say thank you to your friends and family guests with this gender neutral rainbow favor stickers! The Boho Rainbow themed shower decorations are chic, modern, and fun!

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