Best Baby Laundry Tips Every New Mom Should Know

How to wash baby clothes correctly? Hand wash or machine wash? What baby detergent should I use? These are definitely the four most common questions from new moms when it comes to taking care of newborn clothes. And it is no wonder, considering that poor care can cause irritations, allergies or rapid wear of the garments.

This is because the skin of babies is ten times thinner than that of an adult. In the first six months of life, they don’t have that protective bar that basically comes from fat. So, they are extremely vulnerable to external conditions.

The endless piles of baby clothes to wash. Sure, they are small and very cute, but there really will be a ton of clothes on the way, with various daily changes of clothes due to milk splashes, diaper leaks, and we can’t forget about diaper blasts. We will then share our favorite laundry tips and tricks so that you can wash your baby laundry and how you can approach baby clothes in a more effective way and without overwhelming you.

Here we leave you our best laundry tips

#1 Laundry Tapes by the Changing Table

The best place to put the laundry basket is in the baby’s room, next to the nursery dresser or changing table. You will be able to put dirty clothes away quickly after the baby laundry are changed. Placing several for the various garments is essential, and you must separate the garments, because it is not advisable to join the used newborn clothes with the new one, due to a hygiene issue. Remember that humidity encourages the proliferation of bacteria in stored garments.

#2 Create a Laundry Bathroom Area in the Family Room

Since baby will be spending time in the family room with everyone, use a basket to collect dirty bibs, diapers, and even burp clothes. This is important to use in places where the baby is frequently, as it will relieve your time to collect your baby laundry.

#3 Do a Load of Laundry Every Day

The high volume of baby laundry can be a headache. Relieve your stress of feeling like you’re drowning in piles and piles of laundry by washing a load every day or maybe every other day. You must take into account the temperature of the water. Washing should be done with lukewarm water, to eliminate bacteria without damaging the clothes.

#4 Baby Detergents without perfume

Choose laundry detergent that is especially suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin. Look for detergents that are hypoallergenic and odorless. You need a neutral or dermatologically tested soap to ensure the health of your baby. A very common mistake in mothers is to use the same shower soap as the little one, but chopped into pieces. This application is counterproductive, because it adheres to clothing and wears it out over the days.

#5 Diaper Sprayer and Dirty Clothes Oak

Consider getting a diaper spray to help clean dirty clothes or diapers. Also, a great baby laundry tips that will come in handy so often is to leave a bucket of water and an Oxiclean mixture in the laundry room to soak up soiled baby clothes, until you’re ready to wash a load of laundry. This way you also make sure to pre-treat any stains before throwing them in the washing machine.

#6 Maximize your Time

Our favorite baby laundry tip is the wash cycle of about 30 minutes. Wash your baby’s clothes in lukewarm water as discussed above, and the clothes will be clean after the 30-minute cycle. Warm water also helps remove many germs from clothes.

Finally, making sure to buy clothes without many accessories or ornaments considering how to wash our baby’s clothes is important. The best are simple, comfortable pieces that are very easy to change and wear.

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