5 ways to capture hygge in the kids' room

A man’s room is his castle, it is said. The place, where he can return to hide away from stress and unwind a bit after a long day. This is not any different for kids, but even much more.

For kids, games add a safe place to fall, to success or to get to know anyhow the world around them. Their bedroom should be the place where they can calmly dive into that learning experience – so it is really crutial to bring the right atmosphere to that kind of experiment. 

Hygge is considered to be one of the best options for that. Let us walk you through the steps how you can create hygge in the kids room.

What is hygge?

The Danish concept hygge, which can be roughly translated as ‘cosiness’ or ‘the art of creating intimacy’, has been a buzzword for their way of living in the last couple years. 

No surprise Danes are such trendsetters as they are consistantly ranked as the word’s happiest people. But if we wish our kids to follow their path, we should begin at home, with ours: Having a place where they are physically, socially, and emotionally secure is imperative for healthy development and a successful future.

“Nordic homes are minimalist, yet warm. Natural materials add a timeless element to our design, ” sums up Signe Johansen the base of the concept in How to Hygge: The Secrets of Nordic Living.

In the followings, I will show you some tricks and tips how to capture hygge in your kid’s room!

How to Hygge The secrets of Nordic Living book
Source: dailymail.co.uk
how to capture hygge in your kids room from solidandneat

#1 Simplify

The number one way to kill the mood and coziness in a room, and bring the stress on is clutter. A cluttered, crowded and disorganized space is anything, but cozy. 

So first thing first, you should get rid of the things that do not belong there (like empty boxes, or the toys that kids already became bored with), and get the things left cleaned up. I do not mean it has to be all dustful and squeaky clean, but it should be well-organised and packed.
For this step, there are incredible storage solutions available on the market to keep the room neat.

simplify the kids room montessorimethod
Source: https://montessorimethod.com/shelves/

Pro tip: 

Go for the ones, that are saving space for you!

Our wall-hanging solution is not taking up too much space from the room, but one of the favourite home for soft toys. 

>> Find our big organizers HERE

Our smaller organisers can even be added on different furniture as well (like changing table)

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#2 Bring in the books

Taking a break with a good book is one of the mainstays of hygge, and there is nothing like cracking a good book open on a rainy day – especially when it is dark and cold outside. Also they have a special way of making a space more welcoming and lived in. 

So why not fill some shelves with books to add an air of warmth?

Pro tip: 

Hanging storage baskets are not only doing a great service when keeping the soft toys and games, but also when having books kept there.

#3 Keep nature close

It is so easy to get caught in the rush, and lose communion with nature on the way. 

House plants are a great way to fill the void where there was once seasonal greenery – but it may not be a really child-friendly solution. On the other hand, wood furniture or toys can do the trick for the kids to make them feel closer to nature. Besides, these toys are more durable (yielding less waste than their plastic counterparts).

keep in nature - wooden toys for kids room

Pro tip: 

When organising small foot wooden toys like building blocks, dominos or outher treasures, make sure to keep the small parts together with a bag (bonus points for being eco friendly). 

Another element of keeping things natural are choosing the right colours for the room. 

Danes aren’t ones for embellishment or ‘loud’ colour schemes – the idea is to create a calm, serene space that is peaceful and free of clutter. Schemes are often purely monochrome, or a subtle mix of harmonious tonal shades. It’s about considering how colors will feel in the home… not just how they will look.

Pro tip:

If you love this style you can easily get a hint of that colour scheme by browsing our products, as all of them invokes a warm, hygge-type colour palette.

#4 Getting cozy

Snuggly blankets and fluffy pillows are must-have items for this lifestyle. They are able to make a space a lot more cozy and inviting, and a place for cuddling up for relaxing is one of the hygge essentials.

solid & neat
Source: https://tychome.net/

Pro tip: 

Choose crochet organisers that matching your blankets and pillows HERE

#5 Light it up

When Danes are asked what they most associate with hygge, the vast majority will say the lighting, Candles and lamps with Gently flickering flame really set the tone of the room and do serve to drive you into that cozy warm feeling.

Scandi style night light wooden led light in Scandinavian nursery room
Source: www.saboconcept.com

+1 Give away the hygge feeling.

Sharing is caring, so if you want to present someone for some occasion, some cozy, comforting item to get hygge on can be a good choice.

Pro tip:

Our eco friendly toy storage bag makes a great gift or a great wrapper of small presents for birthdays, christmas or the arrival of a new baby. Click on the photos for more info on these toy bags.

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