3 monochrome newborn baby gifts for the better sleeping

Whoever created the term “sleep like a baby” didn’t really seem to know much about them, because newborns are notoriously restless sleepers who are often hungry every few hours and rarely, if ever, sleep through the night without waking up.

3 monochrome newborn baby gifts for better sleeping

Our tips: 3 monochrome newborn gifts

#1 Monochrome babynest

The baby nest is one of the most recent inventions and became an essential product for every mum and baby.  A cute and comfortable double sided nest for a newborn baby will secure it sleep. The nest is light and soft, easy to carry and fold. Baby nest is a cozy and comfortable lounger for newborn baby while crib is yet too big. It can be used in the the crib, parent’s bed while co-sleeping, sofa or wherever it’s needed.

3 monochrome newborn baby gift monochrome babynest cotandcot
Source: @cotandcot on Etsy

#2 Monochrome mountain pillow

The Himalayan pink salt therapeutic pillow is the perfect addition in your baby room and in your arsenal for treating a tired baby or a non-sleeper newborn baby. The Salty Peak pillow is such a game changer and makes an awesome new Mom gift or anyone you care about. It also comes in monochrome colors and modern patterns so this curing Mountain pillow is a must have for your baby. But how it really works? The mountain pillow filled up with 100% natural Himalayan therapeutic salt crystals will help your baby to calm down and sleep well. And… Good Night for the Baby and for the exhausted and tired Mom too. 

solidandneat baby mountain pillow for better sleeping
Source: @solidandneat.com
Monochrome mountain pillow solidandneat
Source: @solidandneat.com
3 monochrome newborn baby gift mountain pillow
Monochrome Mountain pillows from @BabyMountain
monochrome baby shower gift black and white mountain pillow
Magical BabyMountain Pillows in monochrome

#3 Monochrome lovey

What exactly is a lovey? A lovey is baby magic. It’s a mini blanket with soft textures introduced to babies to help create a quick sense of calm and security. It’s especially useful in secondary environments, like the carseat, stroller, at daycare, in the NICU, or grandma’s house. Its appearance signals a time for calm and rest. I’ve seen my own babies pick theirs up and go into a little trance. Magic! The satin ribbon and soft fur on the back gives them something to do with their hands, and its small size makes it more portable for them–you’ll notice it’s easier for them to love on a lovey vs. a full size blanket.

monochrome lovey
Source: @iviebaby on Etsy

#+1 Monochrome organic baby romper

Perfect for all seasons this stunning Monosplatter baby and toddler romper is a must have. This little one piece will have your little ones rockin’ it in style and comfort and you can be sure it is kind to the most sensitive of skin as it is made from high-quality jersey fabric. Featuring long arms, cuffed ankles and front opening poppers with baby pink accents it really is the perfect choice.

3 Monochrome newborn baby gifts for the better sleeping
Source: @LottieandLysh on Etsy

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3 monochrome newborn baby gifts for better sleeping
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