3 productivity tips for home office

Plenty of people have been fantasizing about working from the comfort of their own home, saving up some time for more sleep, family or exercise time instead of commuting to work. However, as a result of the pandemic, flexible working and working from home to be the new reality:

While many jobs remain linked to a specific environment, increases in online working has set new record. Many businesses have been remote for several months lately, and some have even decided to continue with this best practice started.  

But working remotely is a double-edge sword — sure, you get to stay home, but it can be harder to focus on actually working.

Here are some of the best home office tips on how to stay at the top of your creativity game even in your home environment. 

#1 Use a designated workspace

Just because you are not working from the office, does not mean you cannot have an office!

It is not a problem that you do not have a spare room for that, all you need is a place you go specifically to work. It could be a certain table, chair, even a local coffee shop – any place that can be styled for a distinct workplace, for work to happen. 

Separating work from personal time is the most important element of working from home according to the survey of Manifest. (https://themanifest.com/hr/productivity-tips-working-from-home)

You should aim to recreate a mini office, where you have a clean and crisp work surface and you have your notepads, pens and other bits and pieces for your  tasks at hand.

Whatever works at mimicking a proper working environment, you should implement at home.

home office tips with home office furniture

Our tip:

You can hang organisers above, or even from your table to make sure everything needed for your tasks is at hand.

#2 Set a schedule

The lack of stimuli from your colleagues or office meetings does not mean that your work has to be different, just the dynamic  of your work day is changing, so that you are fully in control of your day.

Creating a regular routine while working remotely that is similar to one in an office really helps with organizing the day more efficiently and being more productive.

You should structure your day to resemble normal working hours, so the rhythm of the day can stay the same as on normal office days.

Pro tip:

Keep a workday planner like Canva’s Blue Doodle Work Schedule Planner on your desk (or desktop) for jotting down your thoughts. https://www.canva.com/templates/EADannnfWqs-blue-doodle-work-schedule-planner/

Canva Planner for home office task
Canva Blue Doodle Work Schedule Planner for home office planning

#3 Reduce any other distractions

According to Melissa George from Polished Habitat (https://www.polishedhabitat.com/home-office-tour/), it might take a bit more than clearing your desk to focus your mind and not to get distracted.

Your working environment can also detract from your productivity or focus when it is in a mess, but this can be easily prevented if you have the house straightened up.

Also do not forget about shutting the distracting noises out as much as possible. While some people need some background noise to work, others find any noise at all  incredibly disturbing.

reduce any other distraction home office tips from solidandneat

Pro tip:

If the mess in the house can easily bother you, make sure to banish the surrounding from clatter without occupying to much space!

#+1 Take clear breaks

That’s the number one home office tip. One of the biggest misconceptions of working remotely is assuming that you need to be working 100% of the time while you’re home to be more productive. It is also a common mistake to get distracted as a telecommuter that you avoid breaks altogether. 

Don’t let the great deal of work ahead of you lose track of time and prevent you from taking five to relax. Rather than just opening YouTube and watching some comfort clips, however, use your breaks to get away from your desk and jolt yourself out of work a bit.

productivity tips for home office
3 tips for home workers from solidandneat
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