3 awesome neutral boho nursery inspirations you'll love

When the boho vibe is the one for you, you know just how important it is going to be to find a way to blend that into your nursery decor. If you aren’t sure quite enough how to blend together boho whimsy with practical parenting, take a look below for some seriously helpful inspiration we have collected for you.

3 awesome neutral boho nursery inspirations

One of the best things about this kind of vibe is that there are all sorts of ways that you can put it together. This makes it just right for when you still want it to feel like your own version of boho. Regardless of what it looks like, in a boho nursery you’ll see lots of natural textures and great neutral tones that make it both calming and gender-appropriate. With focus on greenery and an inviting glow, this will be easier than you thought!

#1 Wood grains au natural

You already know that wood and boho are serious besties in terms of design. When it comes to your boho nursery, go for plenty of wood grain features, including changing tables, cribs, dressers, and more. Instead of painting, though, consider letting it be “au natural” and enjoy the un-stained, plain wood grain in all of its natural beauty.

boho nursery inspirations
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#2 Add in some greenery

A huge part of a gender neutral nursery is going to be using greens and yellows. If you want to explore boho nursery vibes on top of that, go with greenery in a literal sense. In a totally baby-safe way, create accent pieces that create art out of leaves and flowers! Whether it’s a motif of a bear or another animal made out of greenery, or something like banting that is strung up on imitation ivy, it all goes a long way to bringing nature into the overall design in a kid-friendly way.

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boho nursery you will love
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#3 Go simple on the storage

A boho nursery is open, and “go with the flow”.  You want eyes to travel to details like textures in the fabric and the green living wall, etc.  So, when it comes to something like storage, keep it as blended as possible.  One of the best ways to do that in a totally boho-friendly way, is with a wall-mounted organizer that is going to blend right in. 

With a fun blend of cotton, pine and canvas, you’ll be able to enjoy natural textures, colors and vibes from every element. Mounting on the wall instead of as a free standing piece of furniture it helps promote clean lines and instant calm.  With lots of practical space, it gives you all of the practicality you want and none of the clutter!

wall hanging organizer
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vertical hanging organizer for small kids room
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A boho nursery is absolutely doable as long as you know how you want yours to look for a gender neutral nursery.  As much as possible, embrace details like natural textures (such as through canvas, macrame, etc) and simple, calming colours (like white and greys).  Contrasted with greenery and other natural hues, it’ll really ring the boho vibe out and give your little one a safe little calming cocoon that is going to be their very own oasis!

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3 awesome neutral boho nursery inspirations
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