10 incredibly stylish playroom storage

As parents, we can agree on one thing when it comes to organizing a home: there’s no such thing as too much playroom storage, whether you’ve got a 6-month old or a 6-year old. If you are looking for some support and guidance on playroom storage in the form of modern and truly convenient options, you’ll find all 10 of these options to offer you a little something different:

All designed with a modern home in mind, these kid-friendly options are going to help you enjoy some practical storage that doesn’t act as an eyesore for your playroom. In this playroom storage guide, we go into more detail. However, here are some of the core concepts that you can look forward to in every design.

10 incredibly stylish playroom storage

Kid-friendly designs

Every single one of these 10 Montessori furniture options is going to be designed with kids firmly at the front of everyone’s mind.  After all, if your little one doesn’t like storage, they’re not going to use it!  These are all designed to be practical for tiny hands and short attention spans.

Cute decor aspects for parents

Parents will love how all of these are going to serve as practical pieces for storage, but also beautiful gender-neutral additions to the playroom, too. Great for those that love to re-purpose storage and furniture down the road with future pregnancies. They are also long-lasting pieces made of high quality materials and carefully designed.

Designed to adapt with your kids

This is one of the most important part of all pieces of Montessori furniture. The goal for every piece of playroom storage is going to be that it adapts with your child. From infancy to toddler hood to childhood, these same pieces can be used over and over again and simply switch out for new toy types as needed.

Space-conscious designs

Another crucial piece of each of these is that sometimes toy capacity outgrows the playroom.  We’ve all been there. Now you can fight back with space-conscious playroom storage that is going to offer you focused options to getting more in less space, and also organizing it at the same time.

A sneak peak at playroom-friendly storage


A perfect way to display your children’s toys, books, bits and bobs whether sitting on the shelf or hanging from it’s pegs. A gorgeous handmade Oak peg shelf made from sustainably sources solid Oak.

playroom storage
Source: @Nestieuk on Etsy


Keep toys, clothes or blankets tidied away but within easy reach, featuring three large baskets, its neutral design and Scandinavian style compliments any interior and with its open baskets it will encourage children to clear their toys away.

For storage that actually meets your needs, look no further than this natural linen fabric storage rack.  It’s a sturdy, durable, fashionable wall pocket that is going to offer up easy decor in its job as a wall organizer. Perfect for mounting on any vertical surface (wall, back of the door, side of the crib) at whatever height you want, this is great for restoring books, toys, and other essentials. Just right as a durable and multipurpose nursery organizer for the modern parents!

playroom storage pocket wall organizer
Source: @solidandneat on Etsy
solid and neat wall organizer playroom furniture toy storage
Source: @solidandneat on Etsy

What makes this Montessori furniture special is its versatility. As you can easily install it in the playroom or kids room and allow additional open storage for small toys, craft accessories, color books or even LEGO. As we’ve learnt from Montessori, a playroom toy storage shall be open, so kids can easily search and find everything themselves.


Lovely for baby, kids or living room, nursery decor. Adorable basket is great not only for toys storage. Use it for small stuff or blanket. It’s a durable and versatile accessory that will bring uniqueness to your home. This cute deer basket can make any home more decorative.

solid & neat
Source: @LittleCrazyThings on Etsy


You’ll be surprised: this monochrome sack is made from three strong layers of very thick paper and will withstand excited hands hunting for toys for many years. These super strong paper sacks are perfect for storing away all those toys in a stylish way! 

rainbow toy sack playroom storage
Source: @ThePaperPartyCompany on Etsy


This stylish open storage box comes with wheels to easily move around in kids’ room. While it’s perfect for storing books, it’s also a great toy for toddlers: according to our personal experience, they love to pull and push bins and boxes like this one.

solid & neat
Source: @JaybirdJillDesigns on Etsy


An open, hanging shelf for toddler books and knick-knacks. Thanks to it, you can have your favorite fairy tales at your fingertips. The three-storey piece of furniture is suitable for displaying the front of books. The whole can be mounted to the wall using the dowels included in the set. A beautiful library for children.

montessori book shelf playroom storage
Source: @Cool8Kids on Etsy


montessori play shelf playroom storage
Source: @NidoFamilyUK on Etsy


This artwork display sign is a wonderful addition to any playroom or kitchen to show off your little picasso’s latest masterpieces!

look what we have made playroom storage
Source: @GrowandCompany on Etsy


You may display loads of books in this perfectly sized for children bookshelf. The bookcase is designed to exposure the books in such a way that it is easy to take the books and your kid will be more encouraged to read. The self serve book shelf is ideal for toddlers. This Montessori wall shallow bookcase for kids is also a beautiful decor of the baby’s room.

montessori book case playroom storage
Source: @WAMMcosyroom on Etsy


A tidy home is a happy home! With this toy shelf you can organise, store and display your children’s favourite items, especially it’s the perfect size for Grimms puzzles and blocks.. Childrens bookcase is ideal for keeping your kids playroom tidy and organised while showing off wooden toys and montessori materials that encourage work and play.

montessori shelf playroom storage
Source: @Hingi on Etsy

Parents, you already have enough on your plates. Trying to keep everything together is going to be something you don’t need, so these easy and fun storage options for playroom storage are going to offer you the best. Whether you prefer multitasking wall hangers or find that options such as a toy sack are better for your space, it’s all about designing personalized playroom storage.

No matter what techniques you use, or what kinds of toys your kids have, these options are all going to give you flexibility, comfort, and prestige. The only question that remains, now, is which ones you want to start with. With simple designs like these, why not go with all of them? They’re great as standalone pieces, but also effective as a cohesive network of practical storage options that will show you the difference a good platform can make! One thing for sure, an organized room benefits your kids.

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